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Lots happening: At Moonsick, my poem "Nowhere to Go" (trigger warning: harassment). Over at soundcloud, a song with my name. I'm hoping to get to Simchat Torah dinner and dancing Monday night, at a synagogue whose rabbi delivered the benediction at our new mayor's inauguration in Spanish
(his Twitter bio: "With a real southern (a.k.a. Argentinean) accent! :)").

My original plan for the evening had been to head across town for ice skating, but a wave of tiredness hit during dinner, so the new plan is to review tomorrow's music and then go fall asleep in the bathtub. But first, some photos in response to Upper Rubber Boot's 100 Untimed Books challenge (most of which is taking place over at [personal profile] zirconium, but it's nice to relax with something that doesn't require absolute order or comprehensiveness [she says, enjoying the lull before her next indexing gig]).

Prompt 19: same sex

This is a book I copyedited four years ago:

19 - same sex

Our new mayor officiated at the first SCOTUS-legalized same-sex ceremony in my county earlier this year. From the Scene's report:

Councilwoman At-Large Megan Barry opened a book--a copy of the works of William Makepeace Thackeray with the ceremony taped on some inside pages. This is standard procedure for the current mayoral contender, who has the authority to perform weddings as part of her standing as a council member; she always picks up a used book when she's asked to perform a wedding. She then presents the book, with the verbiage of the ceremony, to the newly nuptialized couple.

Prompt 20: travel

A book I couldn't resist after walking around the Tuileries: Fabrice Moireau's album of Paris

Prompt 20 - travel

I'm still periodically dipping into Anthony Glyn's The Seine. I couldn't resist sending the following excerpt to a friend yesterday:

Centuries of royal boredom have done something to the building, to its very stones; the place glows with boredom and the sensitive passer-by cannot but be aware of it. It is for this reason, of course, that the palace still survives. Nobody has ever cared enough about it to burn it down; even the Communards were half-hearted when it came to the Louvre.

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