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Upper Rubber Boot's 100 Untimed Books prompt 36 is "nails." I brought Donna Karan's new memoir home from the library today (along with a Pilates manual and a collection of Szymborska poems from the sale shelf for the grand total of $1), but this is the book that first came to mind:

36 - nails

I met with one contractor last week and will interview another this week. The sunroom will get built eventually. In the meantime, I hauled inside one pot of rosemary, four of peppers, and two tomato vines ahead of the weekend's second frost warning. Another vine was too far gone to bother with, but I plucked the two tiny tomatoes off its tip before chucking it over the rail:

tiny tomatoes in a sushi dish

(Diameter of dish = 3.5 inches)

Prompt 37 is "joyful."

37 - joyful

The holiday prayerbook is from West End Synagogue, where I've celebrated Simchat Torah a couple of times. The glossy guide to Tel Aviv was purchased during a stay there, prompted by the wedding of a college friend in Jaffa. That was indeed a joy-filled occasion, as was the wedding celebration I attended in Austin this past weekend (which also featured some Jewish elements, and during which I chatted with the woman next to me about New York and Houston synagogues and community centers). The bride is a librarian, so one of the cakes was decorated with the outline of a book, and the centerpieces were pop-up books with photos of the couple pasted into some niche or tab. Focal points during the gatherings the following day included a restored player piano and hundreds of silvery bats and an Irish band rocking through Elvis and Johnny Cash as well as more traditional-sounding tunes. (I can't hear "Ring of Fire" without remembering the contra dance mashup someone at Christmas School devised for an after hours session, which had a title like "Walking the Line of Fire" ...)

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The New York Times posted an article today (to be run in tomorrow's print edition) titled "At Israeli Resort Town, Ignoring the Strife to Soak Up the Sea," by Isabel Kershner. I took a bus from Jerusalem to Eilat back in 2009:

From Israel 2009 - set 4

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From Israel 2009 - set 3

Seen in Jerusalem, November 2009. (I'm revisiting my old albums as I work on a Tel Aviv-related project.)

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From Israel 2009 - set 4

Bus terminal, Jerusalem, 2009

Yesterday evening, the fabulous Lora lured me away from the APA corral for Literary Libations. We spent most of my hour there chatting with Mike Pentecost, who has a lot of stories about riding buses around the country, some at his blog and more in his new book, Bus People. We also talked about the business of trade shows (as with buses, there's a whole different universe to learn about when one spends more than a few days in that realm) and about networking in Nashville.

I used to ride the bus regularly between Chicago and Berea (KY), and it's how I got around Israel as well, so the conversation brought back a host of memories, as well as sending me to some of the photos I still haven't gotten around to organizing (and, eep, where did I stash my post-Eilat albums...?).

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Jerusalem, October 2009

From Israel 2009 - set 2

My literacy in Hebrew is that of a one-year-old. After extended wandering through a mall on the way to the Wailing Wall, I was grateful both to the designer of this sign and the person who annotated it.

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