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Wednesday: Maria won in singles and lost in doubles; both matches were on side courts, so no stream for me. I watched part of the Taylor Townsend/Sachia Vickery match. It was amusing to hear the commentators kind of knocking Sachia's defensive (aka counterpunching) style early in the match (along the lines of not having offensive weapons, especially compared to Taylor) but later praising it for its consistency (as it became increasingly likely she was going to win in straight sets). The gist of the narrative by the end was that consistency trumps having a lot of choices but (1) not choosing the right one and (2) not turning to Plan B when (1) keeps happening. (The funny thing is that I saw Sachia hit more winners than Taylor, but my attention was split 85-10-5 between cooking dinner, peeking in at the match, and trying not to trip over the dog.

Today: Watched a little bit of Sanchez-Duval. It was mostly baseline rallies, but when I checked back in later in the second set, Maria hit the 2nd and 3rd of three volley winners in a row.


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